The North West’s biggest building expo just got bigger

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Build18 will be the North West’s biggest ever housebuilding expo.

The two-day event will take place in Newtowncunningham on Saturday and Sunday, March 24 and 25 with more than 40 exhibitors scheduled to be on hand to offer expert advice and guidance to house builders.

Proudly supported by AIB, Build18 will give house builders free access to essential information from leading experts.

The expo is designed for anyone building, renovating or extending their property – whether first time self-builders or experienced multi-site developers.

The event brings together a team of trusted local professionals to walk house builders step by step through the entire build process – and all under one roof.

Build18 offers house builders a unique opportunity to get free advice from all of the experts they’ll ever need in the build process and all in the same place at the same time.

“If you are building, planning to build, thinking of planning to build, renovating, extending or moving home Build18 is a ‘must-attend’ event.”

Darren Donaghy, from Donaghy Safety Training and Build’s site safety expert, says the expo will be a great chance for anyone planning a build project to get all the tips needed.

“If you are building, planning to build, thinking of planning to build, renovating, extending or moving home Build18 is a ‘must-attend’ event.

“We have come together to provide a truly unique opportunity to get the best guidance available from industry leaders completely free of charge. Where else would you get the chance to chat to top experts in their fields about your Build project for free and in the same spot.

“We want to ensure that housebuilders are armed with the best advice to help save them thousands of euro and avoid unnecessary delays in their projects.

“Build18 will walk attendees through the entire build process from inception to inhabitation and beyond.”

Jim McLaughlin, Branch Manager, AIB Letterkenny, which is supporting the event, said: “We are looking forward to the opportunity to speak to prospective self-builders at the Build18 event and those renovating or improving their homes to illustrate the mortgage and loan options that AIB have available.”

Entry to the event is free.

Pre-register your free place at Build18 today and be in with a chance of winning a consultation with the Build leadership team – email: info@buildireland.org

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