Asbestos safety is ‘price worth paying’

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Dealing safely with asbestos can significantly hike construction costs but it’s a price worth paying to avoid risks to life and business, says Build18 site safety expert Darren Donaghy. The Donegal-based health and safety professional from Donaghy Safety Training has appealed to builders and developers to ensure the required precautions are taken when dealing with the

Choosing a builder? Ask questions first, don’t pay the price later

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In selecting the right firm to build your project, it’s important that you ask the right questions, says Build18 health and safety expert Darren Donaghy from Donaghy Safety Training Ltd. Site safety is the responsibility of the person managing the project, whether it’s a self-build or a multi-unit development. With that in mind, it’s vital

House building costs to rise under new rules

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The cost of building a house is set to rise further with the introduction of new energy regulations, says Build18 expert Bill Steele. Proposals for Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB) will see a significant hike in construction costs due to increased energy efficiency obligations, says the Letterkenny-based partner in Cullinane Steele Architects. The Build18 team