Choosing a new high-tech heating system will mean an extra €2,300 in your pocket for an average sized property over 12 months.


That might be a no brainer for most people but there are still some who feel that the old way of working is better. However, opinions have changed significantly and continue to, regulations have changed dramatically, and further change is coming –  soon the oil fired boiler will be a thing of the past.


And although there may be more of an upfront cost in the construction of your home, the savings in the long run from using renewable energy will more than make up for it. If you’re renovating there are also generous grants available to make it a very attractive option.


It is also a fact that home built in more recent years tend to be better insulated and therefore more cost effective.


Building regulations just weren’t up to scratch in the past. Single-glazed windows, un-insulated pipes and a lack of air tightness all contributed to poor heating in homes.


However, that has all changed with the introduction of triple glazed windows, under floor heating and most importantly ground or air source geo-thermal heat pumps.


We are now working with a constant level of heating instead of blasting the heat into a cold house for an hour or two in a futile attempt to save money.


Air and ground source geo-thermal systems are so cheap to run that we now have a constant level of heat and hot water in our homes.


New regulations will make this a requirement for all newly built homes from April 2018 onwards and that will mean no more oil boilers.


The new obligation will make the geo-thermal system one of the most expensive installs in your home. However, it will prove the most cost effective if fitted correctly and with further advancements in software your system can be tailored to your exact needs.


Insolation and air tightness are the two main factors when it comes to heating your home.


Good insolation will make your heating system extremely cost-effective and easy to run.

Triple glazed windows are most certainly the way forward because if they are correctly installed with all the necessary attention to detail, then all the draft you would have got from single or even double glazing will be gone.


If the attic is well insulated, the heat will struggle to escape and, if the heating monitor is in place it will help avoid any burst pipes.


With each bout of harsh winter weather that we have more than enough people have come to me saying “it’s costing a fortune to heat my house”. This is the problem with oil burners.


Over the course of a year, the average oil burner-heated home will cost up to €3000. In stark contrast a geo-thermal heated home will spend between €600 and €700 per year and this will mean a constant level of heat and hot water at all times.


Christy Lynch,

Efficient Renewables.