When it comes to retro-fitting your home to save on heating bills, there are numerous options – depending on your budget.


Ideally, we would like to re-skin the house either internally or externally. As you’d imagine, externally we use an external insulation. If it’s internal, we’d recommend an insulated board going right around your house, so you’re creating an envelope to – in most cases – double the insulation values of the walls.


Grants for insulation in Ireland

Cavity walls in older homes may only be two to three inches in width. Adding insulation to that makes a huge difference. There are grants available which assist you financially in increasing your attic insulation or in upgrading your heating system to a high efficiency air to water heat pump. Your contractor or plumber will be able to help you in finding the right grant to suit your needs. The Build team would be only to happy to help, simply get in touch.


When retro-fitting a home, we encourage people to change their radiators, copper cylinder and install heating controls within their homes. A lot of old homes only have one heating zone and maybe the thermostatic controls on the radiator are broken or not working efficiently. It also can make a huge difference to have this system pumped or washed out and you will notice an immediate change.


Grants for heating systems in Ireland

Grants are available of up to €7000 in total. There are a few variables for example the size of your home or whether it is a detached or semi-detached home.


A full list of variables is on the SEAI website and I would advise everyone to read through them and become familiar with them before making any decisions.


There is also grant aid available for the BER assessment which will review the energy efficiency of your home.


My advice to anyone who is thinking of availing from this service is to come and have a talk with me and my team and we can point you in the right direction.


Bert Galbraith,

Galbraith Construction